Host-A-Hive Program


We’re excited to partner with you through our Host-a-Hive program!

Honeybee hive with flower designs

In working with Calm+Confidence Beekeeping, you will receive one-on-one guidance, support, and mentoring while learning to raise honeybees right in your own backyard.


From the bees to specialized equipment, all is provided to assure a happy and healthy hive. 


To sustain materials and the time necessary in monitoring your hive, we ask that partners contribute funds matching a level that fits your household finances. This is paid after the hive is placed and the bees are developing successfully.

 Complete this Application to Host-a-Hive

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Beekeeping can be a costly hobby when starting out. Purchasing materials and bees is an initial commitment but most new beekeepers lose their hives the first few years as they learn the ins and outs in managing a colony.

If you decide to venture out into the world of beekeeping independently, the hive is yours after 2 years of participation in the Host-a-Hive program. You'll have the knowledge and experience to be much more successful!

Feel free to share our information with friends or family members who might want to connect with us.  We appreciate your curiosity and are here to help foster a closer relationship between you and local honeybees. 


"I like that Lauren lets me do the work. She is FAB!" - Barbara

"We're all less afraid of being stung, and even the dog enjoys bee watching! My garden grew better than it ever has before, and I have to believe that hosting bees enhanced the pollination." - Susan

"I was telling my parents yesterday that I would have bailed on beekeeping after the second failure if i wasn't for this program. It's been great for us in more ways than that, but that reason along was more than worth it." - Matt

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