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From half-day to multi-day, Calm+Confidence trainings provide classroom-ready strategies and systems to support all educators in their transition to STEM Project-Based Learning. 

Classroom Differentiation, Post-high Preparation, and Assessments - leave with interdisciplinary tools to deploy immediately!

ESL to SPED...core or electives...C+C has materials and methodology for all courses and campuses. Contact us!


Podcast Interview with Lauren Anderson of Calm+Confidence


Forest Heights STEM Academy - Arkansas

  • Increase content retention and interpersonal relationships
  • Exploring honeybees through  ELA, math, science, etc.

Mount St. Mary Academy - Arkansas

  • Aligning AP Curriculum with phenomena found in nature
  • Entrepreneurship and product development through the lens of beekeeping

Vanguard Academy - Oklahoma

  • Multi-day workshops centered on PBL practices
  • Community building strategies for staff and students

Central High School - Arkansas

  • Hands on STEM exercises for content classes at beehives
  • Utilizing outdoor learning spaces in area parks 

Industrial Design Engineering & Arts (iDEA) - Washington State 

  • Wrap around support for trauma-affected students 
  • Protocols to access gender and race disparities 

    Science & Math Institute (SAMi) - Washington State

    • Culture to value diversity in thought, life experience, and perspective 
    • Cross-cultural methods improving engagement of marginalized groups 

        Renton High School - Washington State

        • In-class data gathering to monitor individual student needs, mastery, and extension opportunities  
        • Outreach designed to engage families in the learning process 

        Bentonville High School - Arkansas

        • Adapting mainstream content for ELLs
        • Systems for data-based decision-making