Neighborhood Honey

All Calm+Confidence Honey comes from local hives placed in neighborhoods and community gardens throughout Arkansas... Maybe you've seen one of our hives around town!

We expand into new communities each spring. If you know of someone wanting to learn more about honeybees or apprentice as a beekeeper, we're always looking to grow our network of pollinator promoters! 

Some hives are placed with families or school groups while others are located in public spaces. Calm+Confidence beehives serve as learning resources to promote the conservation of all pollinators!

Open hive being inspected

Depending on the time of year, we have honey from various regions and neighborhoods. We can tell you details about each hive as our network of beekeepers personally manage each and every colony! 

    Honey has a unique flavor (and color) based on the flowers the bees pollinate. The sugar content from nectar and protein in pollen mixes to create special combinations every season. Some honey can become super-sweet while others a morere earthy and savory...


    Whether you're looking for pollen from a specific time of the year or a flavor that pairs perfectly with a dish, we know you'll appreciate the diverse honey Calm+Confidence provides.