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Beekeeping Resources

As a C+C Partner, you have access to all our Educational Resources: monthly newsletters, recorded virtual conversations, etc. 

For each month, the emailed newsletter is linked along with recordings of the online classes if available. Conversation 1 is generally more introductory while 2 is application or next steps.

Starting in 2022, lessons will be linked separate from the newsletter to organize information and focus learning.


C+C Materials

Common Beekeeping Terms + Tools - Presentation 

Lifecycle + Roles in the Hive - Presentation 

Pollinator Species + Lifecycle Stages - Presentation - Conversation

Foundation + Hive Types - Presentation - Conversation 

Hive Safety + Climate Comparisons - Presentation - Conversation

Changes Over the Seasons - PresentationConversation

Reading Honeycomb - Presentation 

Hive Troubleshooting + Marking Queens - Presentation - Conversation

Mite Testing + Treatment - Presentation 

Native Pollinator Plants - Presentation

Native + Global Bees - Presentation - Conversation

Honeybees in the Americas + Modern Agriculture - Presentation - Conversation 

Winterize + Bee Vision/Communication - Presentation 

Preparing for Winter - PresentationConversation

Winter Organization - Presentation - Conversation  

Insulating Hives + Storing Supers - Presentation - Conversation

Goals for 2023 - Presentation - Conversation

Topics to Come:

Pests + Predators 

Bee Sex + Genetics 

Inspections + Reorganizing Hives 

Producing Queens  

Clustering + Winter Concerns


Library of Online Resources


Arkansas Calendar: 

Beekeeping Through the Seasons


American Bee Journal

Bee Culture 


Bemis Honey Farm

Central Beekeepers Supply

Dadant Online Store 

Mann Lake Online Store


YouTube Videos

How-To Beekeeping Videos


Recommended Beekeeping Equipment