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Product Packaging

While we can't guarantee consistency in our packaging, we can always assure creativity! 

To decrease our environmental impact, we up-cycle every chance we get.

However, this does mean that our packing can change from time to time based on what's available. 

From thrift stores and donations to using what nature gives us, we strive to minimize the amount of newly purchased items required for containers as well as gift packaging. 

Round Jars

Used for bath salts and body butters, sanitized yogurt containers are repurposed! The City of Little Rock does not collect recycled glass, so we've adopted this packaging to prevent waste in local landfills. 

Lip Balm Tubes

100% recyclable, so feel free to toss them into your bin! But just like any plastic, please assure you've removed any excess wax as dirty recyclables = unusable waste. Contamination is the #1 reason full truckloads of recyclables get rerouted to landfills, so do your part por favor!

Gift Packaging

We love to customize orders to show our customers some appreciation! All ribbons, bows, bags, etc. are sourced from 2nd hand sources or are made using recycled materials. In promoting sustainable practices, we often include plant clippings in our packages as a reminder to appreciate what nature provides. 


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!