Whether just starting to think about "adulting" or if you've been doing it for decades, everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their passions and get paid. 

Calm+Confidence provides a platform for emerging entrepreneurs via online store, pop-up sales events, and mentoring. In cultivating a business based on individuals' interests, we all have something to give and gain in learning alongside one another. Artists supporting others with branding and advertisement, number-crunchers offering advice on record keeping and margins, we believe all ages and experience levels offer talent to better future success. 


As a clothing designer, this young businessman has a priceless team around him, an unbelievably supportive family. Sporting hand-painted sneakers, double-dyed shirts, and a smile ear to ear, his father will be the first one to point out the detailed and creative works of his son. With Calm+Confidence, Robert brings quality tie-dyed shirts to seasonal sales where he continuously awes our customers with his "Prey" collection. Look for him, and his amazingly dyed tablecloths, at our next event!



All things cottage, this woman is exploring everything from granolas to teas! Ebony partners with local urban farmers to harness the medicinal powers of flowers, fruits, and herbs to produce her hand-made teas, a perfect pairing alongside our local honey. We cannot wait to see what creative combinations she brings to our next event!


I swear, this long-time beekeeper makes the most beautiful candles in Little Rock! As we're still crossing our fingers he'll share his techniques, we're happy to get to offer his hand-made, Arkansas-beeswax candles. Small and large, all sizes and shapes have clean, crisp details that'll have you hesitating as you light the wick. 




While we're always excited to partner with individuals, entrepreneurship should be supported throughout our educational experiences. Subjects like chemistry, math, psychology, as well as skills like public speaking and professionalism are strengthened by class units and extracurriculars that foster business-mindedness. School campuses, departments, and clubs are always welcome to unite with Calm+Confidence