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From half-day to multi-day, Calm+Confidence trainings provide classroom-ready strategies and systems to support all educators in their transition to STEM Project-Based Learning. 

Classroom Differentiation, Post-high Preparation, and Assessments - leave with interdisciplinary tools to deploy immediately!

ESL to SPED...core or electives...C+C has materials and methodology for all courses and campuses. Contact us!


Podcast Interview with Lauren Anderson of Calm+Confidence


Learning through the lens of beekeeping engages all students. Graphing population changes, comparing the social roles within the hive, and analyzing the anatomy of males, females, and the queen, we have lessons to support all content areas in a safe, interest-focused format. 


Evaluate urban food webs and investigate colors which attract honeybees!


Use technology and engineer devices to calculate the number of bees within the colony! 

For off-site educational experiences, we have transportable, observation hives. Connect with us to collaborate! 



Vanguard Academy - Oklahoma

  • Multi-day workshops centered on PBL practices
  • Community building strategies for staff and students

Central High School - Arkansas

  • Hands on STEM exercises for content classes at beehives
  • Utilizing outdoor learning spaces

Industrial Design Engineering & Arts (iDEA) - Washington State 

  • Wrap around support for trauma-affected students 
  • Protocols to access gender and race disparities 

    Science & Math Institute (SAMi) - Washington State

    • Culture to value diversity in thought, life experience, and perspective 
    • Cross-cultural methods improving engagement of marginalized groups 

        Renton High School - Washington State

        • In-class data gathering to monitor individual student needs, mastery, and extension opportunities  
        • Outreach designed to engage families in the learning process 

        Bentonville High School - Arkansas

        • Adapting mainstream content for ELLs
        • Systems for data-based decision-making