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Mead-Making Course

Mead-Making Course

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Interactive mead-making to take home and enjoy!

Sunday, October 22nd...Beginner/Intermediate classes at 11am and 12:30pm along with an Advanced discussion at 2pm.

We've crafted a day to discuss custom honey wine!

Kit Tickets include the necessary materials to create your first brew batch. You'll leave with a custom-made concoction matching your taste and style.
Ferment this mixture in a cool, dark location... 4-weeks later, it'll be ready to bottle and enjoy!
    Basics Kit - glass jug, airlock mechanism, tubing for reracking, disinfectant, honey and all fruits/flavorings for a custom mead. 


    Attendees 21+ need to purchase a ticket to attend. All minors accompanied by an adult are free to join.

    Only Need a Refill? Bring your own Glass Jug and Airlock; we'll provide the honey and all ingredients! Please clean glass jugs and airlocks before arriving. 


    After purchase, we will send a Confirmation Message. We will have your name and information for check-in at 310 Natural Resources Dr in Little Rock On Oct 22nd.