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Beeswax Gifts Class Series
Beeswax Gifts Class Series
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Beeswax Gifts Class Series

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~ Located at 301 Natural Resources Dr. Little Rock ~

Located near the Shackleford/Markham Intersection, these classes run 5-7:30pm and will cover basic and advanced techniques of working with Beeswax and/or Honey. 

  • Dinner Provided starting at 5pm
  • Background Information then Hands-On work starting at 5:30pm 
  • Leave with Gift-Wrapped Products ready to be shared
  • Make Choices and try Techniques to make products built by you
  • Instructions provided to repeat Recipes at Home

Fall Series Timeline

Lip Balm - Thu Oct 5th

Introducing the differences between waxes, butters, and oils, the class will work together to create lip balms (unscented and scented) containing examples of wax, butter, and oil. 

Body Bar - Thru Oct 19th

Explore the natural properties found in various ingredients. From Jojoba oil to Rosemary essential oil, learn how to effectively use ingredients and make personalized body bars matching unique skin needs. 

Home Products - Thur Nov 2nd

Furniture polish, Beard wax, Swarm lure, etc... Try out Calm+Confidence recipes or one you find online. Mentoring and guidance to create a DIY product for your home. 

Fermented Honey - Fri Nov 3rd

From health benefits to flavors for cooking, discuss and share fermenting methods to diversify the diet. Mix a custom batch to use through the winter

Lye Soaps - Thur Nov 16th

Use advanced skills to create lye-based soap with local herbs and additives to take home and enjoy! (Won't be gift-wrapped until removed from the mold)

Simple Syrups (21+) - Fri Nov 17th

Experiment with various honey syrups made with local herbs and fruits. Bottle a custom blend for the holidays!